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At Nettl Business Store, we firmly believe that private meeting rooms can provide a much-needed boost in productivity for work teams. Read on to discover why.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for room hire in Birmingham, we have plenty to choose from!

A fresh environment

Going somewhere new for a team meeting takes everyone out of their day-to-day work setting. People love a trip somewhere new. And in our opinion, a fresh space is the perfect environment to pursue fresh ideas.

In a private meeting room, team members can focus on the task at hand — whether that’s brainstorming for a campaign, finishing up a long project, or discussing plans for the future.

Working from home can get distracting. Plus, it can be difficult to achieve a clear mind in the hustle and bustle of the office. A private meeting space sets the scene for a focused and productive session.

A set amount of time

If you hire a meeting room, you’ll have it all to yourself for a set amount of time. The great news is: this time restriction can actually work to your advantage! Did you know that time limits can actually boost productivity?

Give yourself a day with your colleagues to sit down and complete your project — chances are, you’ll all have your heads in the game. Let your team complete the project over a week — expect five long days of endless emails, back-and-forths, and procrastination.

All the facilities you need

Our meeting room hire in Birmingham comes with access to all our facilities including tea and coffee, TV Screens, and Wifi. Why? Because it helps people focus on their work and gives them easy access to the tools they need.

When you’re at home or in the office, everyone is dashing off for lunch, looking for presentation equipment, and searching for spare breakout rooms. With a hired meeting space, it’s all there waiting for you.

Face-to-face meetings

In a world of video calls and hybrid working, booking a meeting room for a specific time will give employees a face-to-face event to look forward to. If your team has settled into the habit of coming into the office on different days, a meeting room session will bring everyone together.

A hired meeting room will make your weekly or monthly face-to-face meetings more of a special occasion. Just choose a location that is convenient for your colleagues to commute to, like your nearest city centre.

Meeting room hire in Birmingham

If you’re looking for convenient meeting rooms in Birmingham, take a peek at our available rooms here at Nettl Business Store. Choose your room and make the most of our brilliant facilities.

Holding a critical meeting with a new client? Just need to catch up with your team in a focused environment? Step this way…

Go for our Great Room — a grand, stylish room, or The Aviary — offering an airy, laid back atmosphere. You can also make your meeting room hire cost-effective. Simply rent your room for one hour, half a day, or all day.

We’re delighted to offer our meeting rooms in Birmingham city centre with a range of facilities. Access tea and coffee, TV screens, private workspaces, breakout areas, catering options, and WiFi access. Make sure you check our availability to reverse your required date and time.

What are your travel options? We’re located in Queensway, so your clients and colleagues can commute via public transport, bike, or car.

Fancy checking out our premises? Stop by any time for an invigorating coffee in our stylish Saloon. See our blog for more thoughts on all things business, meetings, and room hire.