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On the surface, a meeting room is simply that – a room in which people can meet. However, it is much more than that. Here are a few reasons why there’s more to meeting room hire in Birmingham than meets the eye.


An external space prompts focus

In a bog-standard office space, people can often be lulled into a sense of familiarity and loss of focus. With Birmingham event venues such as NETTL Business Store’s meeting rooms, this won’t be the case. The new surroundings create an atmosphere of professionalism, which leads to an increase in productivity.


An impressive room could seal that deal

If you’re meeting with a client to try and push an important deal to completion, then a meeting space could be the change in scenery you need. For example, the meeting rooms Birmingham has to offer includes NETTL Business Store’s Great Room, which offers all the grandeur that its name suggests. As well as this, making the effort to arrange an external, mutually conveniently location could impressive clients even more.


Externally provided services free up time

The best meeting venues often include catering options and complimentary hot drinks; NETTL Business Store offers rooms with these packages. Opting for these services not only increases employee satisfaction and productivity (due to an increased sense of being looked after and a decrease in hunger) but could also save you more time than if you decided to do it yourself.


Need a meeting room? Get in touch!

NETTL Business Store offers the best meeting rooms Birmingham City Centre has. Our services include free wifi, complimentary food and hot drinks, private workspaces and breakout areas, as well as TV screens for viewing presentations. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team via our email birmingham@nettl.com, or via the contact form at the bottom of this page: https://birmingham.nettl.com/book-meeting-space