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Coronavirus lockdown restrictions may be easing in the UK, but the health threat hasn’t gone away. With many businesses having experienced just how easy remote working can be, it seems to be the case that many companies are refraining from moving back into the office anytime soon.

This is not to say however, that a proper in-person catch-up with a few of your employees or colleagues is not long overdue. Even if your company is planning on getting rid of their permanent office and making the shift to remote working, it is important to touch base once in a while.

This is where meeting rooms come in as a safer, cheaper, on-demand alternative to a full-time return to the office. You’ll be able to invite a small number of staff (who feel comfortable coming out of quarantine) to a private meeting room where you can socially distance in a clean, comfortable environment. With the ability to book your meeting rooms as and when, you can be flexible to the needs of your co-workers and avoid the pressure of using an office space that has been left vacant.

With complementary hot drinks (we’re talking freshly roasted coffee), wifi, TV screens, and catering options available at Nettl Business Store’s Birmingham city centre meeting rooms, you’ll be able to organise your small meetings knowing that the small details have been taken care of. Your staff will be grateful that you’ve thought of the small things to help make them feel at ease.

With a range of stylish rooms including different features and functions (all at an affordable price), you can now make your in-person meetings something to look forward to.

Check out our Birmingham city centre room options and contact us to make a booking.