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Finding the perfect meeting room and hiring it can be tricky as there are many small details you need to remember. Here are three features that are occasionally forgotten, that shouldn’t be.

Make sure that the room is the size you need.

If the meeting is between three people, then you don’t need the size of the room suitable for a FTSE 500 Board Meeting, instead, look to see what small meeting rooms Birmingham based are available. Equally, don’t try to cut costs by squeezing a dozen of your colleagues into a broom cupboard. By making the right choices in the size of meeting room hire, you will ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

Make sure you have all the resources and equipment you need

If this meeting is going to need a projector for you to present a powerpoint, then you naturally need to make sure that one is included in the deal for the room. When looking for Birmingham event venues checking that they have everything you need is an important and necessary step.


It is good practice to provide refreshments at a meeting and they have to be of reasonable quality or you may create a negative impression and those attending the meeting will feel undervalued. Remember to have a broad range of refreshments that caters to many different diets, and not just Paleo versus Vegan. Remember that there are a host of reasons why people might not want to bring up an allergy or intolerance in a business setting, but if they find that they will be able to enjoy a drink or snack, they will feel appreciated and catered for.

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