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If you need to hire a meeting space, it is essential you find a meeting space Birmingham based that meets all of your requirements. Below we outline 3 factors that may influence the type of meeting space you need to hire.

1. Length of the meeting

Will you require the meeting space for a quick interview or for a full-day event? If you require your meeting space for an extended period of time, it is important you consider whether refreshment and catering options are available in your meeting space and the standard of essential facilities, such as the bathroom. If you are planning on hosting an all-day event you will also need to ensure the space you hire is spacious, to ensure individuals attending your event do not begin to feel claustrophobic.

2. Structure of the meeting

If you are planning to structure your meeting with time to collaboratively work or think independently – for example, if you are hosting a seminar – you should look for a meeting space that offers private workspaces and breakout areas in addition to a private room. This will ensure that your event will run smoothly and you have all the facilities you need to host the day successfully.

3. Digital requirements

Have you made a killer presentation to accompany the topics you will discuss in your meeting? The last thing you want is to arrive at your chosen meeting venue and find the wifi is poor and there is not a screen to display your presentation. For this reason, it is essential you check the technical facilities in a meeting room, to avoid disappointment on the day of your meeting.

If you are looking for meeting rooms Birmingham based, do not hesitate to contact nettl. We have multiple meeting venues Birmingham residents and business owners will love.