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You have made that all-important, career-changing decision and decided to go it alone. You are joining the 100s of disgruntled employees in Birmingham who decide to work freelance. Not for you are the stressful early morning train commutes, wedged against your fellow traveller’s rucksack. It’s time to live your life… possibly in your PJs and sending emails from the comfort of your bed.

But what about when it comes to arranging an introductory meeting? Like them or hate them, the simple truth is you can’t do without face to face meetings. Whether you’re hosting a virtual conference or a Skype call, booking a meeting space can add that touch of professionalism and avoids interruptions from family members and provides you with the confidence to do business.

However, when you’re working as a freelancer, finding a meeting room isn’t as simple as calling reception or logging into your calendar. Freelancers in Birmingham recognise the importance of face to face meetings especially in the early stage of meeting your client. And just as important as meeting personally is your meeting venue.

Renting a Birmingham based office space is probably not financially feasible however, a less costly solution would be a cost effective Birmingham based meeting venue.

The best meeting rooms and conference venues, offered by even small meeting rooms in Birmingham offer an array of features and functions. Look out for:

Private workspace

Breakout areas

Wifi access

TV screens

Hot drinks and catering options.

Location is important also, and meeting room hire Birmingham city centre based is the perfect location for good transport availability and connections.

Remember, holding face to face meetings for any freelancer is an important opportunity to stay in touch with clients, ensure you’re on the same page and build rapport. Contact us today for more information about meeting venues Birmingham freelancers can count on.