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As lockdown restrictions gradually begin to ease around the UK, businesses and freelancers are preparing to adapt to the new normal and begin operating once again. If you are planning to hold or arrange a meeting, it is essential you comply with social distancing measures. Here are some things you must consider…

1. Hygiene standards of the meeting place

You must ensure the location you choose for your meeting place is hygienic and has been sanitized before you enter the room. Every surface must be cleaned and sanitized, especially frequently touches surfaces such as light switches and interactive screens.

2. Who will be attending the meeting

Ask for solid confirmation who will be attending your meeting so you can make appropriate arrangements. Do not allow any last-minute attendees to join your meeting, as this may disrupt social distancing measures.

3. The spacing of meeting attendees

It is recommended you hire a meeting space Birmingham based that is suitable for double the capacity of your meeting attendees. This will ensure there is plenty of space in the meeting room for your attendees to space themselves out and remain 2 meters apart.

4. How you will serve refreshments

To avoid cross-contact between meeting attendees and yourself, you may wish to ask attendees to purchase their own refreshments. This will prevent your meeting attendees from having to bring their own cup etc.

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