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Organising a meeting can be challenging. There is a lot on the “to-do list” from preparing conversation topics to ensuring there is enough seating. As experts in meeting room hire, we have learned a few tricks along the way. In this blog, we will guide you on how to organise a meeting in the most successful way.

1: What is the Purpose?

The first step to organising a successful meeting is to identify the purpose.

Do you need to brainstorm ideas, sign a contract or renew a marketing strategy?

By having one key goal in place, you will be able to work out what needs to be discussed, what items need to be brought in with you and who needs to attend.

2: Put Together an Agenda

You may wish to have several different people present, a moment for discussion and possibly a lunch for the attendees.

An agenda is a great tool for you as the organiser, and for the attendees to know exactly what to expect for the day ahead.

3: Prepare Handouts, Presentations and Talking Points:

Now that you know what needs to happen and who needs to be there, it’s time to focus on the bulk of the meeting.

What assets will you need on hand?
Will you be presenting any material yourself?
Are there important items for the members to have and walk away with?

The more time you take to prepare, the smoother you can expect the meeting to run.

4: Choose A Decision Making Process:

If this meeting is going to be used to finalise a big decision, having a decision making process figured out will help.

Perhaps that is an anonymous vote, the raising of hands or a 1 on 1 debate. Whatever you choose, make sure you know it in advance.

5: Selecting a Venue | Meeting Rooms Birmingham

Knowing exactly where your meeting will be held will allow the attendees to plan ahead. Choosing the right space is important as well. If you are looking for small meeting rooms in Birmingham, then look no further. Our spaces come with TV screens, wifi access and hot drinks.