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Hiring a meeting room is beneficial if you need to get together with clients to discuss matters of importance. Creating a good impression is key, and this is where your choice of meeting room can really make a difference. Don’t let yourself down by making these common mistakes when hiring a meeting room.

Selecting an inconvenient location

When picking where to have your meeting, choose a location that’s convenient for all attendees – not just you. For example, if participants will be coming from all over the country, opt for Birmingham event venues, which is centrally located. As well as choosing a central location, such as meeting rooms Birmingham wide, make sure the space is easily accessible for those travelling by car and public transport.

Not planning ahead

Whether you choose the meeting space options in Birmingham or elsewhere, don’t make the mistake of not planning ahead. Before booking your space, make sure it can accommodate the number of attendees and has got the required equipment and facilities needed for a conducive meeting. Think about things such as chairs, tables, WiFi, electrical sockets, whiteboards, lighting, toilet facilities, a breakout area, as well as the all-important option to make a cup of tea or coffee. In some cases, you might also need to consider if the venue can organise catering, or, at the very least, that there’s a decent cafe or eating establishment nearby.

Not considering privacy or security

When taking part in a meeting at a hired venue, it should feel as private and secure as if it was taking place back in the office. Therefore, don’t neglect features such as privacy and security when booking a venue. Enquire how quiet the meeting room is and whether you can be overheard outside, and check that security is prioritised with regards to using software or WiFi, especially if you are discussing sensitive information.

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