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Meetings with colleagues in your own Birmingham based office may seem logical, but it’s important to understand the advantages of an external Birmingham-based meeting space, regardless of whether customers or clients are involved. Whether you’re briefing a new project to your team, holding a training day or discussing the future of your business, a fresh surroundings can be the catalyst for renewed enthusiasm from everyone involved.


Breaking the routine

If your colleagues work day in day out in the same space, a different meeting venue away from the office can be a symbol of change and openness. It can demonstrate your willingness to invest in your colleagues, creating a better sense of value in themselves. It also gives them the opportunity to look at things from a new perspective away from their desk.


Full subject immersion

Changing scenery will have a positive effect with the removal of everyday distractions. Taking them away from their day to day work coupled with being out of the office environment will keep your colleagues fully immersed in the subject at hand.


Layout flexibility

Depending on the scenario, your office may restrict productivity due to its layout and room availability constraints. In an external Birmingham based space/venue hire, workers will benefit from a great space, and the meeting can achieve the goals you anticipated, in a seamless and efficient manner.

Whatever you may be planning for you and your team, if you’re looking for a meeting space in Birmingham, Nettl Business Store is a great way to change things up. Change the pace, change the space – it will make an impact on your attendees.