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Business meetings can be extremely useful — but only if you head into the room with a clear plan. Without one, you may end up wasting time that could be spent on something more productive. 

Here’s why you should set an agenda before your meeting. And don’t forget, if you’re looking to hire meeting rooms in Birmingham, contact Nettl Business Store.

What is an agenda?

An agenda is a meeting plan. It lays out topics to be discussed, expectations for the meeting, and key points to raise. They prevent meetings from being derailed by other issues, projects, and points of discussion.

Why should you set an agenda?

Here are our top reasons why you might benefit from setting an agenda…

No distractions

Without an agenda, it’s easy to forget why you’re gathered for a meeting. Plus, it makes it easy to pretend that it’s useful to discuss other things — even when they’re completely irrelevant!

An agenda helps you set a goal for your meeting. If the conversation sways away from the plan, you’ll be reminded that you need to stick to the agenda in order to meet your goal. 

Your agenda can include key points for discussion, which will help you keep track of what you have and haven’t talked about yet.

Productivity orientated

If you create an agenda that includes only the most important areas that need to be discussed, you should have a productive session. If your team is prone to going off-piste and getting lost in their discussions, you’ll benefit from steering the conversation towards the most pressing issues. 

Helps you document your meeting

An agenda will also act as a record of what is going on in your business or team at a specific moment in time. In the future, if you need to look back to what you discussed in June 2022, for example, your agenda will give you a detailed list of your topics.

Of course, this is only helpful if you actually stick to the agenda!

Saves time

If you think about what you want to discuss before the meeting rather than during, you’ll be able to jump right into the session. You can easily waste time trying to remember what you want to discuss if you don’t have a plan.

It’s also helpful if your other colleagues bring along a list of specific points that they personally want to discuss, too.

Everyone is on the same page

An agenda ensures that everyone is on the same page heading into the meeting. If the agenda is emailed to everyone a few days before, they’ll be able to think about some good ideas or issues they want to raise ahead of time.

It conveys the purpose of your meeting, clearly and succinctly.

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