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These days it’s so easy to communicate using the internet that many people might think face to face meetings have become obsolete. However, in business, they’re still just as important as they were in the past, leading many businesses to seek out the best meeting venues Birmingham has to offer. Here are some reasons why you can’t beat meeting face to face:


Conversations are more natural

When talking on the phone or on a video call, participants usually have a clear idea of where the conversation is going. Although it’s important to stay on track, when in the room with others, the discussion can take more interesting turns. This isn’t necessarily bad for productivity, as it can result in new, better ideas that may not have come about otherwise.


No technological issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a video chat cut off in the middle of a meeting. With face to face meetings, once everyone has arrived, there is very little that can disrupt the meeting. It also includes all of your clients and business partners, even those who struggle with technology, meaning that nobody is alienated.


Build better relationships

Digital meetings can leave business relationships feeling very detached. When meeting someone in person, a firm handshake and smile, as well as small talk, can really build a bond. Over the internet, it’s hard to really feel this personal connection, especially if the image isn’t clear and voices are distorted.


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