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Not all meeting rooms are created equal. In fact, there are some key features that make a meeting room far superior than the bog-standard boardroom.


Private meeting rooms are undeniably more comfortable than any public space. Regardless of the matter at hand, most parties will prefer to discuss their ideas, opinions, and sensitive matters in quiet privacy.

Getting away from distractions will allow your team to get stuck into that meaty project, think through the problems you’ve been mulling over for weeks, and ultimately, focus!

Bonus points go to spaces with breakout areas for separate team discussions.


When booking a meeting space take a look at the amenities on offer. Is there Wi-fi access, TV screens for your presentation, catering options, and complimentary drinks?

If you’re hiring a private space, make sure you’re getting a bang for your buck. A well-equipped space will make your colleagues happy and help you have a productive session!


A swanky space is all well and good, but only if your meeting room is in a convenient location for your colleagues and business partners.

Will people be arriving from the city centre? Is the space near transport links? Selecting the right location will reduce stress for your colleagues and reduce the number of late-comers to your meeting – don’t underestimate this key factor!

Nettl Business Store

At Nettl Business Store, you can book one of our well-equipped, private meeting rooms for an hour, half day, or full day to suit your needs.

We’re conveniently based in Birmingham’s city centre on Great Charles Street Queensway, making us the go-to private venue for local Birmingham businesses.

If you’re looking for room hire – Birmingham, we have your back! Book a meeting space or contact us on 0121 643 8020.