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Many small businesses in and around Birmingham operate from economical business premises. They are not designed to impress, but needs must when aiming to keep your operating costs to a minimum. Utilising basic space is fine from an in-house work point of view. All you need is a desk, telephone and internet access, and maybe some space for files. But for a key client meeting? Maybe not.

If you have an important business meeting coming up and you’re concerned about creating the right impression, all is not lost. You’ll be pleased to know that the small meeting rooms Birmingham has to offer via Nettl could be just the thing you are looking for.

Meeting rooms of all sizes

The range of meeting rooms Birmingham city centre has to offer come in a variety of sizes. But whether you reserve one of the bigger rooms like the Nettl Business Store’s Great Room, or one of their more compact rooms, there is one thing you can be sure of: all meeting venues Birmingham offers via Nettl are top quality.

Meeting rooms Birmingham for all occasions

Different people have different requirements for the meeting rooms they hire. Some are strictly for business meetings, and some are required for hosting small exhibitions or demonstrations. If the event you are planning is likely to be a long one, all of the meeting rooms in Birmingham you can reserve through Nettl come complete with a catering service if required.

The catering service can include hot and/or cold beverages which come free of charge as part of your hire package. Food can be made available too. Just speak to a member of the friendly Nettl sales team and specify the requirements your package needs to cover.

Meeting venues to exceed your expectations

Nettl fully understand that Birmingham event venues can make or break a potential deal or can add or detract to the success of any demonstration or exhibition. That is why you can be sure that the room from Nettl will exceed your expectations.

Contact Nettl today to find out more

Don’t worry about the cost. The hire packages we offer here at Nettl start from just £25, so they are easily affordable. This even applies to the smallest businesses working to the tightest of budgets. To find out more about the best meeting rooms Birmingham has to offer, contact us today.